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We provided proof of our flexibility, focus and great determination through the implementation and adaptation of our strategic plan, guaranteeing to all of our personnel the utmost safety, while also providing our support to patients, healthcare providers and the scientific community.

Roberto Tascione | CEO Zambon S.p.A.

Our true strength is the responsibility for taking care of people’s health. This is the strength that drives us and connects us, all the more so after a not simple year which exposed human fragility and highlighted that there is no well-being if it is not for everyone.

Elena Zambon | President Zambon S.p.A.

The President

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The Way We Are

The way we are, anchored to strong ethical values since 1906, underlines the uniqueness of Zambon.
We confidently renew our commitment to improving patients’ lives, combining ‘cure and care’ with a multidisciplinary approach, experimenting with new solutions for severe diseases and to tackle the health challenges ahead of us.
For 115 years we believe it is important to share and cultivate common values, to take care of people by enhancing the human dimension, the Human Touch that is our distinctive mark and that embodies the way we are. Because what truly motivates us is the meaning our actions will have in the future and their effects in the long run.

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The Way We Are

People and Culture

People Worldwide




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Our people: the engine that drives our business' continuous evolution

The pandemic had a strong impact on our lives and on the way we work but, at the same time, it shone a light on how our people's sense of belonging, their passionand their expertise comprise a key strength of our business.

A business in constant evolution

Covid-19 did not stop our business from moving forward; we continued to invest in training and in bolstering our people’s expertise and well-being, all while ensuring safety and business continuity.

The safety and well-being of our people were more of a priority in 2020, and the digital transformation we began years ago allowed us to easily shift to remote working while implementing safety protocols at our production facilities, where personnel continued their on-site activities without interruption.

United even if distant

In 2020 we also focused on strengthening the Zambon “community” through the #StayCloserprogramme. We launched the project in February the country areas, which developed sets of local activities dedicated to well-being and emotional-management skills, but also to trainings.

During the course of the year, we transformed all of our training activities by making them virtual; one such is Becoming Global, our English-language course with workshops devoted to expanding one's skills in a variety of contexts. Digital School, our “learning gym” that provides an opportunity to exercise one's skills, also continued.

The launch of the HOPE project saw us begin a journey towards the creation of an innovation platform with a strong focus on sustainability: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The Touch base Leadership project, meanwhile, placed the focus on our Managers. We created a programme of individual and group coaching with the goal of supporting team management activities during the time of remote working.

During the latter half of 2020, we worked on managing flows of people re-entering the workplace by using a hybrid model capable of adapting to the evolving legal and regulatory situation.

Lastly, we concentrated on the project focused on Zambon’s New Operating Model.

  • Learning & Development: all of these activities were transformed into a digital format, engaging around 2,500 personnel through over 500 learning programmes and more than 2,000 training courses
  • The #StayCloser project strengthened the sense of belonging within the Zambon community
  • HOPE: an innovation platform with a strong focus on sustainability
People and Culture


Benvivere is the philosophy that Zambon put into action over a decade ago to “care for people”.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Benvivere@Home was promptly implemented where we proposed a new model for well-being and a new approach to integrating life and work.

Psychophysical well-being

Many of the programmes offered were focused on people’s psychological and physical well-being: “Take a Breath””, with live and recorded yoga and Pilates sessions, “Share your Passion””, for sharing interests, hobbies and passions with other colleagues and “Zambon for Families”, a series of games, readings and activities to keep both younger and older children entertained, educating through fun. Finally, there was “TiAscolto” (I’m Listening to You), a counselling service that provided concrete support for managing change to any employee who requested it.

The Summer Camp

In 2020 we also offered families concrete assistance, with the “Summer Camp””, which saw the Oxy.gen space playing host to our staff members’ children aged 3 to 11, and “Phygital Summer Camp” , an entertainment programme for older children.

Health and prevention

Our health and prevention campaignalso continued, with cardiovascular check-ups at the beginning of the year and, subsequently, with online seminars on the topic of nutrition, created in partnership with LILT, the Italian Cancer League.

This year, Benvivere and its programmes made it possible to disseminate well-being and positive energy and contributed to maintaining a community with a strong identity and a shared sense of belonging.

New Benvivere Identity
#StayCloser Campaign
Close, even when far away: the video Always Together

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