Homecare Quality

ItaliAssistenza S.p.A. is a home care provider in Italy and Switzerland, delivering quality Human Assist Care services to patients with chronic conditions.

The expertise and professionalism of ItaliAssistenza proved itself to be particularly effective and robust in 2020, a year in which the demand for home care grew, both in terms of scale and in terms of speed of response to the needs generated by illnesses linked to the spread of the coronavirus. A turnover of 10.36 million euros was recorded.

In 2020, ItaliAssistenza prepared a medium-to-long term strategic plan to strengthen the current core business areas and develop new areas of care for some particularly debilitating diseases, making use of technological tools and telemedicine.

ItaliAssistenza is Italy's market-leading provider of support for the home management of therapies for chronic diseases, thanks to its pharmacological therapy support programs known as Patient Support Programs (PSPs), conducted in collaboration with the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Since 1993, ItaliAssistenza has also been operating in Italy through Privatassistenza, a market-leading nationwide network which has approximately 200 affiliated centres. 2020 saw the launch of the first directly operated home care centre in Italy, in Milan, which joins the Human Assist Care centre in Lugano, active throughout the Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland, since 2017.

  • Demand for home care significantly increased in 2020
  • ItaliAssistenza has designed a medium-long term Strategic Plan
  • The first directly managed home care centre has been launched in Milan