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Ten years on from its inception, Fondazione Zoé has lost none of its passion. The pandemic has not put a stop to its numerous initiatives. On the contrary, they have gained a new and enriched digital life, allowing them to push beyond geographic boundaries and reach a new audience.

The autumn event Gli Orizzonti della Salute tra emozioni e relazioni del vivere contemporaneo (Health Horizons. Emotions and relationships in contemporary living) took place at the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza and was able, thanks to digital technology, to host important international guests.

New webinars kept the Foundation’s audience and readers of the newspaper Il Giornale di Vicenza company from May to September, telling of a concept of health focused on better understanding daily life in order to construct behaviours and lifestyles that are increasingly aware and informed.

During the first lockdown the traditional Brain Awareness Week , a worldwide campaign to reflect on the brain and the latest scientific discoveries in the field, took place online, as well as the weekly brain training session Allena la mente (Train your mind) which had a large following and whose duration was extended.

The second edition of Il Respiro di Oxy.gen (Breath of Oxy.gen), a series of events dedicated to health, science and the environment, developed in partnership with the Municipality of Bresso and Parco Nord Milano, took place in the Zambon’s Bresso HQ, with in-person and online attendance.

Stories of the pandemic were also told in the publication Prendersi cura degli anziani nell’epoca del Covid-19 (Taking care of the elderly in the time of Covid-19), written by Fondazione Zoé to bear witness to the commitment and dedication of all of the Fondazione Marzotto staff when it came to managing the pandemic in senior living facilities in Veneto and Lombardy.

The foundation also continued to work on its new projects. The Human Touch Academy, a system of CME courses for healthcare professionals, was redesigned for an online environment; Home Care Design for Parkinson’s Disease involved professors from the University of Florence interviewing doctors, patients and caregivers to draw up guidelines to use in order to design a fully functional and safer home environment, to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson's Disease, as well as of people with other motor disorders and the elderly.

  • The digital watershed
  • Gli Orizzonti della Salute (Health Horizons): 16 events in 6 days, 11 speakers, 3 workshops for adults and children, 1 dawn concert and 1 evening performance, with a total of 674 people attending in person and over 1,600 via streaming
  • Health communications, accurate information and human touch during the pandemic
Highlights Gli Orizzonti della Salute 2020 (Italian only)
Brain Awareness Week 2020 Scribing (Italian only)
Good Science

“We contribute to the development of knowledge and to the exchange of information in the field of health and well-being, enhancing a proper communication.”

Human Touch Academy
Home Care Design for Parkinson’s Disease